Sorting Multiple Data Points in Single Cell

asked 2016-04-05 11:03:11 -0500

David23 gravatar image

Houston, we have a problem!

We are making a spreadsheet that, among other things, lists the places where a number of articles are printed. Each article is printed in three places. That means, we have one cell with three data points (we do not want to break this into multiple cells, unless absolutely necessary).

Here is an example (M1 is magazine 1, followed by a page number. I used -- to indicate spaces because regular spacing was not working)

Column 1------Column 2

Article 1--------M1 pg 5, M2 pg 60, M3 pg 12

Article 2--------M1 pg 1, M2 pg 45, M4 pg 90

Article 3--------M2 pg 30, M3 pg 80, M4 pg 20

Is it possible, using filter and sort, or some other method, to filter only those articles printed in M2, and then have them displayed in order of the page number in M2?

Any advice appreciated,

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